An ancient legend our grandmother used to tell us as children while sitting around a fire under the stars, tells of a princess who had the secret to looking young forever. Her arcane secret was a potion gifted by mother earth, a butter mixture of a secret recipe only passed on mother to daughter. Based on our research about our grandmother’s traditional ancient recipe, we created Janubi, a line of products enriched with the best organic and natural ingredients.
Janubi Body Butter is enriched with the best quality shea butter from fair trade sources in East and West Africa. This body butter offers anti-aging, protection and long-lasting nourishment for the skin. It is loaded with moisturizing butters and oils that deliver nutrients to soothe and calm the skin. We make our butters in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.
Founded by Kuoth Wiel, an actress and model based in Los Angeles. We believe that skincare should be simple with ingredients that are proven to heal the skin as well as keeping it in its best condition. We strive empower African women and who produce the shea butter in its natural habitat. Through our partner up with Nyaeden Foundation we will focus on programs that will provide a way for communities to be self-sufficient.

 *Our ingredients come from fair trade sources. Partial proceeds will go to the NyaEden Foundation to support and empower women and girls in East Africa.